A short series of videos covering casting, fishing and fly tying

Learn how to make perfect loops when casting

Discover the art of fly fishing with Peter Arfield

Tying a double badger

In this short video Pete demonstrates how to tie a Double Badger. This is an excellent dry fly when fishing in fast water. Not only is it a great dry fly for trout, it is also excellent for Grayling.

Tying silks

In this short video we explain how to flatten or tighten tying silks.

Straightening a tapered leader

Presentation is key when it comes to fishing. Having a leader that isn’t coiled and lays correctly on the surface will help present your fly in a more natural way. See our short video on an affective way to straighten a tapered leader after removing it from the packet. You’ll be amazed at how affective it is and how it can help you put more fish on the bank. In this short clip, Pete’s using the nifty Cliff Outdoors Strait n Dry to straighten his leader.

Casting a fly line, various poses

Peter Arfield from the Bakewell Fly Fishing Shop gives us some great fly casting tips, on the Peacock stretch of the Derbyshire Wye.
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