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Otter butter from the Eclectic angler

Split cane rod being delivered, Richard Holman (maker) left.

“The Bakewell” Bamboo Fly Rod

John French cane rods
Open pdf here for full info on these exclusive rods.. SIX numbered rods only.

The rod whetting my appetite was a John French cane rod made by Richard Holman in Leicestershire. It was beautifully made and once more Peter separated me from my hard earned cash. The rod was a belter and caught me several nice wild brownies on its first outing on the Lyde

Kris Kent – “Eat, Sleep, Fish”

The “Limestone” was a delight to be with on the river. One of the days I was out with the rod was a perfect fly fishing day. The wild brown trout were taking olives freely off the top and I had a hatful of fish in the 10 – 14” range. As I made my way upstream I wanted no other rod in my hand that day than that bamboo. I was in fly fishing heaven. This is what summer days and rods like this are made for. Pure joy

Andrew Griffiths – Angling Journalist – “Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine”

The “Globetrotter” is a great rod, in fact I took it down with me to the Wylye a couple of weeks ago and there were two well-known guides who enthused, not only about the action and versatility of the rod, but also over the understated, refined finish. It really did stand out, as all your rods do when compared to mass produced models

Steven Murgatroyd

Richard made to my requirements, the “Victoria”, a superb 8’ lightweight, fast-action bamboo rod with spare top, capable of handling DT lines of 5/6 weights. It has proven to be an excellent and sensitive dry fly rod suitable for small brooks and medium-sized rivers. The craftsmanship is up there with the best makers of bamboo rods. The rod’s finish is simply beautiful, and the price highly competitive. Many rod makers would charge twice the price. Made from well-seasoned bamboo – which is not easily come by – with a bespoke pedigree. I am very pleased with the rod and would not hesitate to recommend John French rods to anyone planning to own a bamboo rod

Paul Kitten

I have two beautiful rods made by Richard, a lovely 6ft brook rod and “The Guash”, an 8ft for a five weight line. Both rods are expertly made and have that wonderful feel that only things well-made of fine materials can have. They cast with accuracy and have the life and power that split cane gives. Decorative though they are they are rods to be used and enjoyed and the first fish I caught on my “Guash” rod was a 4lb trout that the rod handled with ease. Thank you Richard – keep up the great work

Tony Rawlings – Dentist and Fishing Club Chairman

I have just come back from fishing the River Darent with THE ROD. My friend commented, “Well the rod casts a nice line”. He borrowed it and was most impressed. I have now enjoyed using it on the Test and the Kentish Stour as well, of course, as The Guash. It has now helped me catch several trout, some in the 2lb plus bracket and handled them well. Thank you once again for making it – maybe one day we’ll get the chance to fish together

Mike Harris – retired teacher

These days John French rods are sold throughout Europe – but not in great numbers. Because each one is hand-made by Richard himself. He only produces about ten a year. They are exquisite.

David Phillips – Angling Journalist

Paul (customer of La Maison) tried the rod; he said that the rod maker has to be congratulated. He really enjoys fishing with it and likes it very much. He said he never got such a feeling with any other rod. So congratulations Richard.

Noemi Pountney and Alain Dubois – Proprietors, Maison de la Mouche Dubos, Paris

Today I fish only for wild trout, mainly with a lovely, hand-planed six footer specially made for me by schoolmaster Richard Holman of Uppingham. Cane will set a hook in a trout with the finest tippet, yet continue to hold it firmly even with the increasing pressure – the 6ft rod’s first conquest was a fat wild trout
of three and a half pounds. Richard Holman’s “Midge” is superb.

Graham Swanson – Angling Writer and Photographer : “Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine”

As a long term follower of John Geirach, stream and river fishing with a bamboo rod has been my ultimate goal. My John French rod was designed for me by Richard with infinite care to ensure I got the perfect rod for my club waters. It’s perfect to handle, light enough to fish with all day but still manages the occasional 3 lb. fish with ease. As a dry fly rod, it has improved both my accuracy and presentation, while slowing the whole cast down, making fishing much more relaxed. I’d never go back to carbon fibre.” !

Dr. Richard Spiers

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