Fly fishing report

November 2018

Our local still waters have been very good this mild Autumn, Press Manor, Barlow and Ladybower all fished well, dry fly especially doing well although nymphs may be sorting the better fish.

Not always easy! One day on Barlow the water and surrounding grassland were alive with (I think) a type of reed smut , and far from easy to match them.  The late season mystery hatch on Ladybower a couple of days later may have been the same thing. Surrounded by rising fish… and so difficult to deceive…

The cooler weather may make the Grayling shoal up, they have been scattered all over the pools, and again not easy to catch. Anglers who tie their own flies have been using tiny greenfly and some traditional flies have caught though. A friend had a 2 lb fish on a trad dry.

More anglers are fishing for Grayling now, and modern nymphing techniques certainly catch good fish, and in some numbers.

French leaders, Euro nymphing, call it what you will, there some good anglers out there.

Maybe I could ask for restraint to be used though…. hammering a shoal does not make for a lasting relationship with the river spirit.

Enough rambling, my casting clients (especially pleased with today’s) and my fishy client