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August 2018

The river Dove continues to flow but it is so low some anglers are not fishing at all, but some fish are being reported to nymphs being fished on French Leader tactics.

On the Derwent the long evenings, (getting just a bit shorter now) seem to be calling anglers out, sometimes in fair numbers. Some are catching on general purpose dry fly or spinners , others are working with Sedge to some effect.

The weather in the evenings has been lovely, and it is a joy to be out.

On the Wye, most evenings have seen an intense fall of Blue Winged olive spinners but there are other things happening too, and it can make for an interesting session , fumbled knots at dusk etc.

Stillwater anglers are either catching good fish or very little, sinking line or very long leaders required, but some buzzers bringing fish up very last thing.

Bug repellent and maybe a hand torch are worth putting into the kit!

Consider how old and how hot your fine tippet has become, trying to get a last little session out of last season’s 7x can be unwise, the fish on the Wye especially fight like demons.

Chin chin.

We only stock the items that we use on a daily basis so you can be assured the items in our store will help you put more fish on the bank.

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