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The little shop in Bakewell closed the door on Christmas Eve, December 2021 and, sadly, will not be opening again. It will still exist, however, but not in Bakewell and may no longer be a proper shop. There would be some who would question it it ever was ! 

I have been asked to be instructor at Barlow Country Club in the new year, and a reduced form of the Bakewell shop will be open in due course.

It will not be full time, as domestic commitments take precedence, but guiding on rivers and coaching on lakes will be very much available, and a chance to try our Limestone rods on water.

We will be attending various shows over the next year, we will let you know as and when.

It has been an absolute privilege to meet and to chat with so many anglers over the years and thank you for your support and friendship, and the joy of of using the Bakewell shop as a sort of meeting point for the Derbyshire fly fishing crowd is something I can think we can all look back on in the years to come.

On Christmas Eve, I raised a tiny glass to you all, including Chris Lee, whose idea it was in the first place, and to absent friends, several of whom made it up the steps for a little chat, and in that gentle way, to let me know that they were unlikely to renew their license next time round. 

May you stay safe, warm, comfortable and always have someone to share a mince pie with. 

Keep your back cast high and your head low folks !

God bless us – everyone. 

Peter Arfield

December 2021

We continue to offer a full Guiding service on a number of beautiful Derbyshire limestone rivers, fishing for wild Rainbow and Brown Trout as well as Grayling.

Tuition is also available with one of our AAPGAI qualified instructors.

Telephone  01629 813531 or contact via the contact page