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Tenkara is a traditional Japanese fishing method, using a rod, fixed line and artificial fly. Tenkara originated amongst mountain dwelling peasants as a method of harvesting fish from mountain streams.

Our number of Tenkara Clients seems to be increasing, word of the fun we are all having is getting around.

There is still a controversy over the “ethics” of the method and it is correct to say that it is not really a big fish method and there will always be critics of Tenkara as a method.

There have always been critics of any perceived new methods which could be construed as giving an advantage to the great unwashed, Tenkara converts will just have to live with any criticism that comes along I guess!

We users of the Tenkara (should there be a collective noun?) only know that for delicate presentation of a small fly, the method is a lot of fun, and probably unexcelled for drag free drift.

Having said that, I chickened out of waving a Tenkara around at the AAPGAI annual general meeting and open day. The standard of the fly casting at these events is so high and the exchange of information so free flowing (we all talk to each other) it would have felt an intrusion. Some of the candidates for membership have spent hundreds and possibly thousands of hours practising for the much coveted Association of Advanced Professional game Anglers Association certificate of membership. The members of AAPGAI are passionate about fly casting and the usage of a Tenkara rod has yet to be approved by the Standards Committee.


I have met one or two users of Tenkara who have taken up the method because of an injury or a difficulty in holding a conventional rod and reel, and the method has proved invaluable for them. It has meant the difference between fishing and not fishing for a couple of extra years, and it would be a severe critic who would deny that solace to the infirm angler especially one who is not perhaps in the very first flush of early youth.

Even so

“The Dew drop of time will land upon the Mulberry leaf of Destiny”

For more information on this fascinating style of fishing why not take a look at Discover Tenkara

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